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He sido elegida para formar parte de Illustrators For Hire
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Estoy super feliz de cumplir este pequeño gran sueño de ser convocada como ilustradora profesional para ser parte de este selecto catalogo de artistas de fama mundial: Illustrators For Hire.

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IFH 👁‍🗨featuring 🦋 Luciana Torre Art

Luciana Torre Art es miembro de Illustrators For Hire
una cuidada selección de talentosos ilustradores freelance de todo el mundo
Illustrators For Hire featuring Luciana Torre Art

four seasons tree of life

nothing in life goes away, until we have learned what we need to know

this was the process of creating this four seasons tree of life
You can license or buy this illustration to apply onto your products and make them even more appealing!

Ideal watercolour illustration for greeting cards, puzzle, wall art and home decor, stationery and much more!

Through this tree of life I have illustrated cyclicality and the passing of time.
Each cycle treasures a teaching. There are no shortcuts or accelerators, each event matures in its own time.

❥ Does this mean that we must resign ourselves?
I prefer to see an opportunity to practice acceptance and resilience. Having assimilated the message involved in each event, I can decide how to act, being aware of my choices and their consequences.
❥ One question that I try to ask myself often is: What can I do now with this happening?
And it amazes me to realize this powerful tool that I can use!

original watercolour illustration available for licensing and purchase
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