fantasy children book illustration weird characters funny birds rainbow feathers

the Sonialitas are lovely feathery beings with colourful wings with the wonderful mission of nurturing and delivering the dreams of the whole world!

illustrated funny animals characters for children fantasy book. illustration of weird birds and feathery beings with colourful wings. trendy playful hand draw lettering and design of cheerful animals for kids stories. fantasy birds with colourful tails are cute creatures from the imagination illustrated by watercolour artist Luciana Torre Art
fantasy illustration for kid’s magical book of dreams of funny animals characters like cheerful feathery beings with colourful wings. trendy playful hand draw lettering and design of cheerful animals for kids stories. these fantastic birds with colourful tails have a wonderful mission: to pamper and deliver the dreams of everyone in the whole world! Children book illustration by watercolour artist Luciana Torre

personal project for children illustrated bookSONIALITAS weavers of dreams

fantastic story about the origin of dreams written and illustrated by me to spread in children the valuable message of cultivating positive thoughts and tender emotions.
it is a beloved personal project about the world of dreams and its magical secrets, how dreams are born and where they come from. enjoy and… see you in dreams! 

the beginnings of this fantastic tale go back to the nights when I read children’s stories to my son until he fell asleep. when he asked me for a story invented by me, this idea was born: how could I explain to him what dreams are made of and where they come from? night after night my story grew and these fantastic characters took shape, then the Sonialitas were born! whose name is a play on words in spanish of the terms «soñar» (dream) and «alitas» (little wings) that sounds very nice to hear! from then on I have continued to write and create scenes where I propose a positive message valid at all ages but fundamental in childhood: our dreams and our events in life depend only on us and on what we decide to cultivate in our hearts. through dreamscapes, magical gardening and enchanting hobbies the Sonialitas tell us how our emotions become our reality!

why do we dream what we dream?
have you ever wondered where dreams come from?
what are they made of and how do they grow?

I give you a hint: everything begins in our hearts, from our own emotions and thoughts! 

this project is eager to be published on a large scale to spread more happy dreams!